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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The dilemma of UMNO

Over 54 years ruling Malaysia with unbeaten result in the general election for 12 times in parliament. Over the era of Najib Razak, UMNO facing the critical rival from the combination of Pakatan Rakyat lead by Anwar Ibrahim the former Duty Prime Minister.

In the UMNO 2011 convention, UMNO started to strengthen their support from the core of the party by giving the explanation about the issues involving their leadership. The crisis of the leadership has become crucial to influence every single vote in the next general election.

From the last general election result, UMNO won in rural and lost to the city areas where the people is influenced by the alternative media. If we were review on the people who are suffer on the economic and infrastructure issues involving rural but the highest voter are them. Are they really suffered?

Something that disappointed us is the commitment of the leaders to finding a solution of public suffered. It is a chance to the rural delegation of UMNO to bring forward the community issues. Rural are trapped with the slogan of “Jasa UMNO”.

Educated people will never thinking about the “Jasa UMNO”, for them UMNO are persuade to Rakyat to lead country. But when the time is come over, UMNO launched “Rakyat mesti ingat jasa UMNO yang memajukan negara”. By persuade Rakyat, UMNO won a majority seats at rural areas.

Educated people never think UMNO the “only one” to ruler of the country. But we are looking for the ruler with integrity and ethical. They work for the rakyat and not even claim as a “Jasa kepada rakyat”. The truth, we rakyat paying your salary monthly even giving many facilities that we never get it.

It is a time to UMNO, to change the way their thinking about the loyalty of rakyat. Reforming is important in UMNO.For the next general election, the posibility to UMNO dominating as a government are difficult. It is time to UMNO reviewing the slogan of “Syok Sendiri”.

Hayyu Zahari
Ayer Keroh

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