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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The right to be racist

It is awkward to write controversial issues on the 56th of National Independence day. Most of us are prejudice on each other either in the basis of religion, race or what so ever.

It is great to denied, but the truth will rise waiting the time to move. We are claiming the GLC are dominance by BUMI and it is truth. Even the NON BUMI can’t deny the majority of the company own by them on the same situation. What is the problem? Why these situations happen?

Politician working hard to find the solution but it is clear the answer is the system not working. Our EDUCATION was separating us to be uniting. We are facing these issues since before independence until now. To be honest, it bitter but the reality people not realizes this situation.

Even US until now face the same thing, we able to hide under the carpet but the end? When the end of life in this kind of hypocrite? How the next generation will suffer with our action? You are Malay, You are Chinese, You are Indian and you are Sabah and Sarawak.

We only think on the side of us, we never truth to the situation of Malaysia. We are trying to use OSA to cover the problem without settling the issues. We can maintain our shape until it leak. We are acting harmony in the fake mask of truly Malaysia. 

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