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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Heat of PPSMI

Problem Statement

The government's decision to abolish the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English (PPSMI) policy has garnered all manner of reactions – some positive, some not. (The Sun Daily)

Advantages of PPSMI
  • Improve rural student capability in English language and competent the same as urban student.
  •  Student will competitive in international market.
  •  Reduce cost of translation book.
  • Improve time consumption in gathering knowledge in English.
  • Student able to refer an abroad book.

Disadvantages of PPSMI
  • Weakening of the National language proficiency
  • Loss of National identity
  • Lack of respect to national language
  •  Rural student difficult to score Mathematic and Sciences for the earlier stage of PPSMI.

  • The different view between politician on the PPSMI
  • The community resistance when their child failed Sciences and Mathematic.
  •  The policies on the PPSMI will change time to time depend on community pressure or politic change.
  • The strain from National Language partisan.

  • Student, teacher and parents cause of inconsistent education policies.
  • People are suffering to paid tuition fees on Mathematic and Sciences subject to ensure their children pass exam. (Rural much more forced).
  • The Language that been forgotten.

The education policy is related to future of young generation, while it been implemented of course there are many feedback that should been studied. It is crucial to ensure the development of human capital but not a short way to earn a tremendous support all over Malaysia. Policies are important to ensure the survival of Malaysia and the people, but sometimes good policies are not pleased to citizens. In that time, leadership is important to convince a public that benefits of the policy to them and the facts is important to support. Compulsion an avoided and trust will come over you.

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