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Monday, 14 November 2011

How Hudud settle a complicated in community!

Muslim, it is your responsible to bring an Allah laws to apply for control a community. For non-Muslim, you have a right to argue why Hudud can't been applied but as a check and balance you need to give a chance to us muslim give an understanding between us. Muslim never or ever fights against non muslim but please give chance to us to have a right to have Hudud to control muslim. If a Hudud is not introduced to the Muslims and we seen that the crime rate will continue to increase.
Please watch this video to understand why we fight for Hudud. We need your comment to make these messages clear. 

Now I hope that Muslim and non Muslim clearly understanding a concept of Hudud. We still respect each other even though some issues should been discuss clearly. We raise for Malaysia, we act as Malaysian.

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