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Friday, 28 October 2011

Academic Freedom

Academicians should have a freedom to write their ideas in academic view. The ideas should defended with data and references without any plagiarism.

Academicians should have a space to critic government and opposition. Criticism should based on academic facts and no tried to influence people by slander.

They should have a freedom to come any conferences that organized by any parties. They have their right to give any speeches for academic purposed without any action as long as they not tried to cause agitation in country.

Students should have a freedom to listen to anyone they would like to hear without any obstruction as long as they have not tried to make chaos.

Students have the right to write and talk about what they think about country, leaders or any situation that might be critical.

To solve any problems that related to academic, they needs to sit and discuss together without using media to drop any parties that against government. Debate may be useful to them for stand with facts and avoid slander to person.

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